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Space Ace is a young dynamic team of architects

and planners that continue to break conventional

boundaries and ideas in building and urban space


With over twenty five years experience in the

industry, we have built airports, institutes such as schools and colleges, tourist attractions, residences and townships which are sustainable, contemporary and tell a unique story.

Our buildings reflect the personality and life of their inhabitants, where every structure has meaning, every brick an identity and every space, a life.

Buildings that are sensitive to society, culture and climate. They are extensions of the life in and around them.

We make our clients think beyond the brief to

create highly customized structures and spaces that minimally impact the earth and are energy efficient.

Space Ace creates meaningful buildings and spaces that are in harmony with the environment.

Our vast expertise over a wide range of projects

qualify us to design the space of a small residence to that of a large township, in India or the world

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